Motorist Assist

Emergency Response Operators provide assistance on most of the busiest interstates in, and around the Kansas City metropolitan area, offering help to disabled motorists, responding for lane obstructions, be it stalled vehicles in traffic lanes, car accidents or debris in the roadway. Emergency Response operators also provide support to law enforcement, emergency first responders and other emergency agencies in the form of traffic control and back up for incidents on the area interstates. Their goals are to minimize major disruption of freeway traffic flow, to focus on the factors that create disruption in the flow and remove those factors, to relieve congestion and maintain a consistent flow of traffic during an incident and to reduce clearance time for incidents, all to offer Kansas City area motorists a smoother, safer commute. In Missouri, the Emergency Response program is a division of Kansas City Scout and the Missouri Department of Transportation. In Kansas, KHP provides Motorist Assist Vehicle (MAV) service in conjunction with the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Emergency Response Shifts

Day shift emergency response units patrol the major highways and highways of Missouri, which are divided into 5 coverage areas called zones, with operators patrolling these areas Monday through Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with limited coverage during the holidays.
These emergency response units constantly patrol the areas and stop to check on vehicles that are having problems. They also receive assistance from Scout Traffic System operators who monitor cameras on the freeways and also look for motorists stuck in their lanes, lane blockages, or debris on the roadway. If you have problems with your car and don’t have a mobile phone, don’t worry. Help will arrive shortly, with a typical response time of around 20 minutes.